Delta, the levitating dog

Delta, the levitating dog



Okay, so a few days ago I gathered up the last of the foster kitties to be spayed and neutered, and realized I needed another cat carrier. I went outside to my storage shed and opened it, and as I reached for a carrier I noticed an unfamiliar stuffed animal peering out at me from a box of stuffed animals. “Oh,” I said aloud, “I don’t recall having a stuffed possum.” That was when the possum hissed at me, opening its mouth full of sharp little teeth and blinking in annoyance. I begged its pardon for the disturbance as I quickly closed the door. I borrowed a friend’s crate. When I returned several hours later, the possum had disappeared, but my dogs have been circling the shed eagerly ever since. I’m not sure I want to tangle with a possum. All those sharp little teeth!

My local animal shelter said it probably was attracted by the bird and squirrel food I put out everyday. If it shows up again, I have a humane trap I’ll set and then relocate it, but I’m hoping it’s moved on for good. All those sharp little teeth!

Which leads me to wonder, do possums hibernate in the winter? It gets cold in my area, but nothing like up north, so if the possum decides to linger, I’ll have to watch out for my dogs. Did I mention all those sharp little teeth?



I think I have a levitating dog. Yes, I’m serious. Delta may be the next David Copperfield, which is odd, since she’s an 8 year old pit bull that has never shown any evidence of being capable of magic. Why, you may be asking yourself, do I think this? Because this fat old girl somehow got over a six foot wooden fence and into the front yard, where she waited patiently on me to find her sitting on my front porch. She grunts when she has to jump on my bed, so unless she figured out how to unlock padlocks on the gates, the only way to the front yard is over the fence. Has to be levitation. The other dogs are jealous. So am I. That would be a neat trick to learn.

Other than that, life here in the zoo has been pretty quiet while I finished up a short story for a Christmas anthology, and played room service to all the dogs and cats. Last three cats go this Tuesday to be neutered/spayed before being ready for adoption. Rocky, a cat I named after Rocky Balboa because he got so beat up on the streets before I rescued him, has recovered from being neutered and is ready for a forever home, too. Everyone who visits says he’s a great cat, and he really is, so I have hopes that there’s a home out there for a young, FIV+ cat like him. His only flaw is that he’s not crazy about dogs, so has a tendency to hiss and swat. I know how he feels. Sometimes I hiss and swat, too.

Now I’m back at work on my next project, finishing up the sixth Dixie Diva book. Since I often take from real life to incorporate into my Diva stories (Don’t worry, fellow Divas, I never tell the entire truth or name names), I might see if Bitty’s dog Chen Ling can levitate like Delta did….