Handsome horses and heroes . . .

The Moon Rider

I love this cover! As a lifelong horse lover, I’ve always appreciated the beauty and majesty of these wonderful creatures. Although I haven’t owned any horses since my last two were struck by lightning and killed, I would love to one day share my life with another one. Or two. They’re like Lay’s potato chips–no one can have just one.

Anyway, the ladies at Bell Bridge did a spectacular job with this new cover of the reissue, and the book just came out today. It’s at Amazon for $5.99 for the ebook. A short tease:

What do a dangerous highwayman in Georgian England, a handsome earl, and a baronet’s beautiful gypsy daughter have in common? Shared secrets!


Kasey misses Kiera!


Kasey said goodbye to his sister this week as she went off to a wonderful new home and adventures of her own. He sat in  their little bed and waited sadly for a while, then decided to alleviate his boredom and loneliness by attacking his uncle, an aunt, his mother, then the cat tower. I think he’ll be fine. Besides, some wonderful person is out there who will give Kasey a new family and adventures of his own soon!

Great news!


Kiera has a new home! Her wonderful adopter is an accomplished and talented actor in the Memphis area, earning some great reviews for his work, and fell in love with Kiera immediately. It’s mutual! She’s also got a new kitty brother to play with as they get to know each other better. Meanwhile Kiera has a lot of new toys to keep her busy while Daddy is at work. I really love happy endings . . .

A Tail of Two Kitties!

The babies are six weeks old today. Kasey is a little male and Kiera is female, and they are almost weaned and doing great in the litter box. Mostly. Sometimes Kasey leans too far over and poops right outside it, but that’s what the tray is for. Practice makes perfect, I tell him.

I tried to take good photos of them but the old adage about herding cats holds true for kittens too. I even put them in an orange pumpkin but Kasey was out of there before I could focus the camera. Adorable and lively!

Their mama, Mittsy, was rather lackadaisical about feeding them, but her sister, Mischief, took over the job and did very well. I’d had the rest of the fosters spayed/neutered at our local clinic, and apparently Mischief was preggers so her maternal instincts kicked in and she’s a much better mother than Mittsy. My friend and her ten year old son were holding them, and Mischief didn’t like that so got in their lap and took the kitten right out of her hands and put it back in the bed, then returned for the other one. Not all cats are born mothers, I suppose, but some have  a double dose.


Kasey is the intrepid little black and white boy, and sweet Kiera is rather bemused by the entire pumpkin and photo thing . . . they had to nap after the photo shoot.

Saving Rocky

So this past winter an orange and white cat showed up on my front porch wanting in my house. He was fat and insistent. Since I already had 8 foster cats and my own rescues in residence I resisted his charms, thinking perhaps he’d just gotten out for the day and his guardians would be searching for him. WRONG.

My 92 year old father lives 600 miles away and was injured last February, and I spent weeks at a time out of town. When I returned, I realized that the orange and white cat was suffering. As I keep a bowl of cat food and water on my front porch year round he wasn’t starving, but his sleek beauty was gone. Neighborhood cats had apparently taken umbrage at his appearance in their territory, and when I saw him again I cried. I was certain he would lose his left eye; he was scruffy and thin, but still purred when I picked him up to hold him. What to do? I was having to go out of town every few weeks and my beleaguered house-sitter had enough to do with my zoo. I kept food out for him and doctored his bites, cuts and wounds as best I could.

Then he disappeared. I returned from NC to the news he hadn’t been seen for a while. I regretted not just bringing him inside, and sent my apologies to what I was sure was his spirit. In my neighborhood, there are a lot of cats left behind, born feral, or dumped, and I knew he was another casualty.

And then–a miracle! My grandson Justin said he’d seen him at the food bowls late at night. So I ambushed him about 3 one morning, picked him up and he just tucked his battered face into the crook of my arm and purred. Oh yeah.


The above is Rocky before Cindy of Kitty City assisted me with his vetting. Oak Tree Vets in Olive Branch MS treated him, neutered him and gave him his shots, and now he is fat and sassy again. Below is Rocky stretched out waiting to be petted.


His left eye, while looking awful, was treatable and he lost no vision at all. He’s about a year and a half old, still bears the scars of his months long ordeal–hence the name Rocky for Rocky Balboa–but other than a slight squint his only lasting health issue is that he’s FIV positive. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it’s similar to an auto-immune disorder in cats, and is transmitted by bites. According to my information, Rocky will live a long and normal life but his immune system is compromised now, and he shouldn’t roam free to infect other cats that have not been inoculated against it. Cindy and I are still searching for him that perfect forever home. Meanwhile, he plays with my female cats quite nicely, is still a bit wary of my dogs, and everyone who comes in my house falls in love with him. He’s a boisterous boy and full of himself. He’s also a flight risk, and I have to guard the front door against visitors or he’ll bolt outside. He likes to do that and wait for me in the front flower bed, gleeful at his escape. So I put a bell on him. We’re at a stand-off now.